Plus Verify Your App Install

Verify gives you ability to understand app install frauds through session recording. Also It is fully integrated with your app download tracking tools, turning your each downloads a marketing structure and reveals first visitor experience.
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Instant Proof - Anomaly Detection
Instant Proof
Eliminate your all doubts while watching session recording and track app download frauds with only one button.
Anomaly Detection
Leave some job to our AI based anomaly detection system, and check suspicious conditions separately.


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  • Track less than 20.000 paid downloads monthly
  • Keep your recordings till 1 month
  • Unique source tracking reports
  • Log in permission up to 2 users
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  • Track unlimited downloads monthly
  • Keep your recordings till 6 month
  • Dynamic source tracking data and real-time reports
  • Access to our AI based fraud alert system
  • Log in permission up to 5 users
  • Custom solutions
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